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Emma, you are looking amazing. Can you tell us how you achieved your incredible weight loss?


Thanks Kim , my weightloss journey began in January 2021 and I reached my goal weightloss of 5 stone in August . Elite  had launch the national medical weightloss programme , I had tried everything in the past so I decided after seeing the amazing success of our patients I decided to sign up to the programme


What inspired you to lose weight?

Health reasons mainly , I’ve always been a curvy girl and embraced my body image with confidence but in December 2020 , my blood results were alarming and my blood pressure was raised, as a mum of 3 I realised this could spiral & decided to make some healthy life choices. I am happy to report by BP & bloods are now  all within a normal range.

Did you have to change your lifestyle?

Yes but nothing overly restricting , I commenced the medical weightloss programme which is a weekly injection that helps reduce your appetite and increase your satiety levels , I try to eat within a calorie deficit and walk 10,000 steps a day more recently I’ve introduce some resistance training .

I don’t follow a crazy diet, I eat a well balanced diet . I feel the NMWLP Pen helped me control my portion sizes, reduce my cravings . The entire family were so supportive from the boys encouraging me to walk on days when I was less motivated to by husband joining the programme too.


As well as your weight loss, you are also looking very fresh - have you had any procedures or treatments?


I am blessed with a fab gene pool, but yes I’ve had a few treatments too . I have antiwrinkle injections usually 3 times a year , I love Profhilo  it an injectable HA not a filler,  its a collagen stimulator and leaves your skin with a filtered appearance, but for skin tightening  with my weightloss this year I’ve combined our new machine the Exilis, we  treated  on my face neck and Décolleté to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and loose skin

What is you skincare regime?

I do keep it simple , I cleanse with our Glycolic wash in the morning and evening , I always wear a vitamin C serum C20 as I’m prone to pigmentation as this is an amazing antioxidants . Depending on the season if the year I will adapt my serum but in the winter I use a powerful HA Replenishing serum call Quench followed by protect Spf50 .

Nighttime I double cleanse apply  R+ which is a retinol 1% followed by rejuvenate antiaging serum . I drink a collagen supplement drink. Daily called Skinade . I exfoliate 1-2 times a week with elites Glow  & once a week ( I try to do)  a HA pure face mask  this is just new to the market that elite has launch but the results are honestly wow .

I do try and have a facial once a month but with my hectic schedule it using every 8 weeks but the girls in the clinic are amazing at looking after me in every way


What do you think is the secret to looking good in your 40s?


High quality pharmaceutical grade skin care , take oral collagen, have a yearly treatment plan , a lot of my patients and myself follow a maintenance plan nothing to invasive or drastic , less is definitely more ….. Drink at least 2 litre of water a day, take regular exercise , try and sleep 8 hrs a night , beauty sleep isn’t a myth . Finally self care it is a term we hear a lot, and while potentially over-used, it is an important principle, take time for you ,   surround yourself with positive people, give no energy to negativity , love ,laughter &  fun , the glow naturally follows.


What treatment would you recommend for someone who feels they are beginning to age?


You need a robust skincare routine .

Treatments I’d recommend would probably be Profhilo , Microneedling  chemical peels and or Exilis. As from the age of 20 we loose  1% of our collagen on a yearly basis. So all of these treatments in various ways stimulate collagen production , hydrate the skin and bio remodel the cells .

If however wrinkle and line activity is an issue I’d recommend , anti wrinkle injections.  If it’s volume loss we could consider fillers , but I feel we need effective skin integrity first.

What is your favourite procedure to perform?

I love microneedling , I do a lot of scar work and corrective work , when you  achieve the desired results it’s so rewarding for the patient but also for myself .


I also  love performing Profhilo treatments I love injecting the face neck Décolleté and hands, I am so exciting to be injecting the body in the new year .


If anyone reading this would like to start the New Year with a new look, where should they start?


The starting point is a in-depth consultation to assess their  desired outcomes & then we can put a treatment plan in place , it’s an elite journey not a race, another option is  to join  our  Skin Club which is an exclusive facial subscription services making healthy skin more accessible to everyone .- destigmatizing the professional facial treatment via a monthly membership packages, making high end high tech facials and treatments affordable. The skin Club is based on an American concept it’s  like gym membership but for your face .


What new treatments are available in Elite for 2022?


We have such an exciting year ahead , we have developed a new product for a skin care range which will be launch later this  month.

I have been appointed as Ireland lead vaginal rejuvenation nurse & Imitate health Nurse and I will be working extremely closely with BTL aesthetic Ireland .

After working closely with the partners of the national medical weight loss program we will be launching an advanced  programme this month.


I have been invited to   work on  an independent consultancy basis and as a Key Opinion Leader to develop new treatment protocols with  for an  amazing aesthetic company but I’ve signed NDA so I can’t say anything else at this time , but it’s exciting for aesthetic , Elite and our patients as another exclusive is on its way !!

What trends will we see in facial aesthetics for 2022?


4 years ago I introduced facial Profhilo to the clinic   and it took the industry by storm ,following the launch of Profhilo body , I am exciting , this is definitely a treatment to watch  for 2022 as this is the first only injectable treatment specifically intended for the treatment of body skin laxity and particularly recommended for the brachial area, ( arms) abdomen and areas most affected by this skin laxity.


PDO Threads whilst these have been around for sometime there are now new and innovative protocols developed for areas of the face which were once very difficult to treat.


“The one aesthetic  look I feel will never date is glowing skin. It’s like having shiny hair – it’s youthful, sensual and healthy looking for all ages”.

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