Happy Earth Day: Sustainable Skincare

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Happy Earth Day: Sustainable Skincare  


We are often asked about the sustainable and ethical credentials of the products in our skincare range. All our products are provided in environmentally friendly, widely recyclable packaging - and they are all vegan friendly, cruelty free and do not contain parabens. We'll be telling you more about our approach to responsible skincare over the next few days. 





All the products in our skincare range come in either plastic bottles or glass bottles which are all widely recycled and recyclable. 







Parabens are synthetic preservatives that have been used in skincare and personal care products since the 1950s. They are present in a huge number of skincare products, but we are proud to say that all the products in our skincare range are completely paraben free. 



Preservatives are added to skincare products to stop them from growing mould and going off. The health scare around parabens concerns their ability to mimic hormones. When paraben-based products are applied to the skin some of the parabens are absorbed into the bloodstream. Excess oestrogen is thought to stimulate cancer growth. In 2004, researchers found parabens in breast cancer tumours which was cited as evidence of a link between breast cancer and parabens. There wasn’t enough evidence to conclude that parabens caused an increased cancer risk, but it’s not just human health that’s a concern. 


Marine researchers have reported links between paraben dangers and the environment. Parabens in chemical sunscreens can damasqge coral reefs, and parabens have been found in the tissue of sea animals including bottlenose dolphins. This is why we have chosen to make all our products completely paraben-free. The preservatives that we use in our skincare range can be safely used for up to 12 months after opening and stored for up to three years if unopened. 




Palm oil isn’t necessarily a bad ingredient, it’s a useful preservative that extends the lifespan of the products it’s used in. Palm oil has a bad reputation because of the farming methods used to produce it which has a harmful effect on already-endangered orangutans, among other species, but they’re also fuelling climate change. We are working hard to make many products in our skincare range free of palm oil and its derivatives. Where this is not possible, we only use Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) ingredients from segregated supply chains.   




There are now more than 600,000 vegans in the UK, according to the Vegan Society, and that number is rising all the time. Whether you’re a committed vegan, a flexitarian or are just interested in more environmentally friendly choices, you’ll be happy to know that all the products in our skincare range are vegan-friendly. This means they don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients such as beeswax or milk proteins.  

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