Let me introduce you to PROFHILO® Body …..an all-round approach for treating skin laxity on the body

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Acceptance of one’s own body regardless of our gender is a sensitive subject for many , one of the most common body imperfections is SKIN LAXITY …. There is no specific age this appears, in addition to genetics much depends on our environment & lifestyle choices …


I’ve been nicknamed  the Profhilo Queen as Its no secret ”I love” to results we achieve and we’ve witnessed  a growing demand for Profhilo treatments in our clinic  as many of our  patients regularly have treatments to their face, neck and décolletage, so you can only imagine how excited I was to try the new   PROFHILO® Body Kit which is specifically design to treat skin laxity beyond the face and neck areas.


I ve talked about PROFHILO® before  we know it’s the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid  on the market it is not only boosting and hydrating the skin, but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue with the stimulation of collagen and elastin.


In today’s aesthetic medicine market, the face and body have seemingly different weights of importance: the face is the area that absorbs most of the time and investment. However according to a recent survey conducted by IBSA Derma which included  a panel of experts and patients, the time dedicated to aesthetic treatments is divided about 80% spent on treating the face, while only the remaining 20% is dedicated to the body.


Although the skin on the body is equally susceptible to chrono-ageing and photo-ageing, patients tend to focus their attention mainly to the face. The decision to treat the body only comes ‘later’, making this market from ‘prevention’ to ‘correction’.


PROFHILO® Body is well placed as a stand-alone treatment protocol or to complements our  energy-based body device treatments we already offer.


At elite we  know that as our bodies change over time, so does the laxity of our skin. To boost confidence and to achieve toned, smooth and fresh-looking skin all over the body, we are introducing the new and innovative PROFHILO® Body Treatment.


The PROFHILO® is the only complete injectable solution to specifically treat body skin laxity on the market. With its slow release of the highest concentration of ultrapure hyaluronic-acid, PROFHILO® not only fills wrinkles but stimulates the production of collagen, deeply hydrating skin for visible tightening all over.


Targeting areas of the body that can be prone to skin elasticity problems such as the abdomen and upper arms, PROFHILO® plumps ‘crepey’ skin and reinvigorates skin elasticity.  The appearance of wrinkles and lines are reduced and the treatment promotes healthier and softer looking skin by acting as a hydrator rather than a filler. Results can be seen within 3-5 days with the maximum effects usually seen around two months after treatment.

Profhilo body - ARMS

A course of PROFHILO® consists of two sessions, one month apart, and is injected just below the skins surface at various points around the body. For optimum results, the treatment includes a body patch to soothe and hydrate the skin after treatment and a specialist body cream to use at home helping to restore skin elasticity. This holistic body treatment aims to achieve transformational results on the abdomen, arms, knees and hands.

There is minimal to no downtime following treatment, you can carry on with your normal daily activities straight away.

Depending on the laxity of you skin you may need three treatments but this would all be discussed at your consultation .


Contact us today to find out more about PROFHILO® Body Treatment

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