Kucoon Silk products


Elite is delighted to collaborate with Kuccon together we are proud to bring an exceptional 5 star feel to your bedroom with our premium grade 6Aplus pure mulberry silk. While you indulge in the ultimate beauty sleep treat, know that all Kuccon silk products are manufactured sustainably & ethically. Let your skin, hair & sleep quality reap the rewards.


The skin on your face is very delicate and just loves a little bit of special attention. A silk pillowcase greatly limits your skin being dragged and stretched whilst you move in your sleep. We are not a fan of the term anti-aging at Kucoon, yet embracing the natural aging process doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for your skin as you age. Pure silk provides support for your skin  and is another preventive measure for lines and wrinkles so you can be the best version of you at every age. It’s soft, smooth and friction free properties means less crease marks on your cheeks and eyes when you waken, and skin is less prone to wrinkles and fine lines.  Comprehensive tests show skin looks noticeably rested, hydrated and less puffy when sleeping on pure silk.


Your current pillowcase is likely to be soaking up all of your expensive skin care!

When you are snuggling into bed after applying all your expensive skin care products, chances are your cotton pillowcase is likely to be absorbing those creams. Pure silk pillowcases are a hydrating fabric and are much less absorbent than cotton therefore a lot less of your product will migrate to your pillowcase. This allows your skin to get the maximum benefit out of your skin care products while you sleep.


Silk pillowcases prevents bed head frizz and hair damage.

The fibres in cotton are much coarser than silk therefore as you move around in your sleep, regular cotton has a way of ‘roughing up’ your hairs cuticles. This results in pulling and pressing which encourages breakage and spilt ends. Pure silk will help your hair slide more easily on the surface to prevent hair damage while waking up with less tangles!

As well as absorbing moisture out of your skin, cotton will do the same to your hair. Pure silk will help your hair retain its natural oils and any additional oils or serums you choose to add to your mane. Oh yeah, and if you’re a fan of getting a weekly blow-dry, these should also last longer on silk too!!


Silk pillowcases can really help acne, sensitive skin and eczema.

Zit happens folks! Silk is a pure and natural textile and studies have inferred that sensitive and acne-prone skin can benefit from pure silk. With its hypoallergenic and smooth sheen properties, it has been known to reduce friction between face and pillowcase. It helps reduce pore clogging therefore lowers the chance of skin infections. Whilst it may not eradicate acne prevention, pure silk is the best pillowcase to help prevent acne plus relax and heal aggravated facial skin.


A better nights sleep – Are you a hot sleeper or suffering from hot flushes during the night? No one likes tossing and turning through the night. Not only is it unpleasant, it’s bad for your health and frame of mind. A Kucoon silk pillowcase has the double benefit of being naturally temperature-regulating as well and an insulating. It’s a fabric for all seasons! Silk provides a breathable yet insulating barrier between yourself and the surrounding temperature which can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Result? A better night sleep which is central to your mood and wellbeing.


Silk feels amazing to the touch as well as being safe, natural and hypoallergenic

We keep saying it but nothing feels quite as indulgent or relaxing like resting your head on a Kucoon pillowcase. Coupled with that, our silk is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and resistant to mould and mites therefore beneficial for allergy & asthma sufferers. They are oeko-tex checked and certified as free from any harmful substances so you can rest assured, Kucoon silk products are 100% safe to bring into your home.