Are Lip fillers on your Santa list …. then it’s time to meet me under the Mistletoe

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Around the festive period my column usually gives focus to  achieving the festive glow  with the most innovative treatment on the aesthetic market ….but not this year , I don’t want to run the risk of sounding like bar -humbug  but there is a more serious issue and dark side to the  unregulated  aesthetic industry .  So if you ve popped lip fillers on your Santa list this year it’s time to do your home work because Lips are not just for Christmas ….


I do believes that over-volumised lips are something this generation will look back upon, with the same disbelief – that people now look back on the massive shoulder pads and  backcombed perms once adored in the 1980s I too was a victim of such trends however lips that overtake nearly every feature of an otherwise attractive face is  somewhat more concerning .


We seem to be seeing an increase in disproportionate  lips , botched lip fillers  and so many lip augmentation disasters …… So why is it ? Research would suggest that social media , face tuning apps and the  Kardashian/ Jenner sister have been major influencers in this trend. Which I would tend to agree but also together with less skilled Injectors  who are failing to teach patients  about the aesthetic VALUE of keeping your facial proportions balanced.


Aesthetic Medicine remains an unregulated  industry believe it or not ANYONE could inject you with Lip fillers . Therefore it’s essential that patients do their research, ensure your injector has a medical background and the ability to deal with a complication should it arise . Be aware just because they are medically trained please don’t presume they can inject  well. Product choice and it’s research portfolio is essential - not all fillers are created equal . You get what you pay for and in this case you really do !!


Save Face reported there has been an 81 % increase in reported complaints regarding dermal fillers since last  year.


Sadly I have witness a massive surge in requests /  referrals from new patients with Lip filler issues .


Dissolving those Lips

Dissolving lips

The  way to “undo” lip filler is by injected  an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which breaks down hyaluronic acid. It is important to note that there are some side effects to hyaluronidase you need to be aware of. The most common side effect is swelling and bruising. This usually settles down a few days after the treatment. While allergy in the injection area is very rare, it can be severe and may include the risk of anaphylaxis.


The Elite Lip  Dissolving Journey


Appointment 1

Consultation & Patch test if deemed suitable and appropriate


Appointment 2

Lip dissolving with followup & after care

Appointment 3 ( must be a minimum of 2weeks after appt2)

Reassess the lips

At this point we may refill the lips to a natural balanced augmentation .



At elite we always encourage you to return to your original injector to discuss your concerns however if for whatever reason this may not be possible and you would like to discuss a lip dissolving treatment why not book a consultation with the team .


Lip Goals - A Natural Lip Enhancement

I am optimistic there is a shift on lips trends from the “Trout pout and baboon look “ to a more natural lip augmentation which I have always advocated . 

My strong message is overfilled / over volumised lips should be avoided at all costs, there are advanced precision injection techniques that allow  practitioners to create a harmonious balance to improve the entire facial appearance rather than simply augmenting one feature to what can only be described as unrealistic proportions ...... tweaks and a little enhancement in the right part of the lip can help shape the lip and create a beautiful natural lip but not distorted !!


I was once told

“elites lips creates beautiful kisses “


Emma’s words of advice

“ Do your research ...... Overfilled lips are not attractive , It’s better to start slowly, find the right volume, and stick with it. It’s always tempting to do more, but less is more,   once you find the right balance –  your lips will  look natural as well as potentially sumptuous”

If you want to redefine , increase the volume or  enhance your lips and you’ve  have decided to add lip fillers to your Santa list …. Remember just be like  puppies , Lips are not just for Christmas ….

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